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We Are So Excited

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We are so excited to be a part of an event that has been growing since it began in 2008. Situated in Golden Gate Park, the event boasts multiple stages and brings in 40,000 to 60,000 people each day over the three-day period. This year, our friends at Lantier Structures brought us in on the project. Given our large 10x inventory, we were tapped to handle all the beverage, catering and craft tents located on the Polo Field.  Not only is our large inventory attractive to these large concert events, it is our speed at which we install. Our crew pops up the small tents with such speed that sometimes we even get ahead of ourselves.

The total install for Made in the Shade will take place over four days, almost two weeks prior to the actual event. There will be lots of details that we will need to pay close attention to. That is why large companies can depend on Made in the Shade. They know we take pride in our work and in our process to ensure the customer’s needs are always met.

Being in San Francisco, there are logistical challenges that we must face. Not only is the distance (107mi from our warehouse) a major factor, but also the weather presents another hurdle to overcome. July/August in San Francisco can be downright freezing where the central valley sees a temperature at or above the century mark. It is not uncommon for the crew to only see about 30 minutes of sun while working in Golden Gate Park, but you can bet they appreciate working in cooler temps as opposed to the sweltering heat of the Central Valley.

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On August 3, 2016

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