Tent Ballasting – Cement blocks, Anchors and Stakes

Gone are the days of water barrel weights! The safest and most secure means of ballasting a tent or structure is to stake the tent to the ground. Staking will require the driving of 36″-48″ iron spikes into the ground. Stakes can be used on grass, dirt and asphalt (MITS will patch upon tent removal). Staking cannot be used on deep gravel, broken asphalt, soft dirt, sand and mud. Staking typically will be around the perimeter of the tent with the option for guy-lines to installed dependent on the weather.

CEMENT BLOCKS – Cement blocks are either 70lb, 350lb, 500lb, 700lb and 3500lb. Weight counts may vary depending on a combination of factors that include site, weather conditions, accessibility and accessories applied to tent. Made in the Shade does charge for the rental of, delivery/pick up and handling of blocks as they require additional equipment. Pricing per weight is at a set price with delivery fees determined by site location. Don’t like the bare, concrete appearance? Block covers are available. Inquire with your sales rep for pricing.

STAKES – Stakes are 36”-48” in length and are driven into the ground. This is the safest form of tent ballasting, and the most effective. Made in the Shade will require 811 USA DIG (free service) approval to stake. Location must be marked within a 48 hour period prior to stakes entering the ground (Delivery time). Third party surveyors are available with minimum hourly rates starting at $700.00 and up. Learn more about 811 and third party site surveyors.

ANCHORS – Anchors are placed into concrete by drills and a bolting systems is used. Materials and Labor Charges apply. Anchors can be used again on future rentals where tent position/equipment is unchanged.

It is important to note that in some cases drills, stark-drivers, heavy machinery, and various other noise-making tools will be used as part of the staking process. You can view this process here: EFFICIENT STAKING Below you will find information that will help you better understand this process and what will be required from you, the customer.




1. USA NORTH 811 Call Before You Dig – USA NORTH will be contacted by Made in the Shade to begin the surveying process after the area has been per-marked by either MITS personnel or the customer as part of the. A ticket has been issued and various local utility departments will be notified. These departments will mark the area where stakes will be placed and notify Made in the Shade once complete. This is a free service. Made in the Shade will charge for travel and marking the site if the customer cannot mark. If the area cannot be staked, cement blocks will need to be used in place of the stake. Cement blocks do carry a rental charge per block and for transportation/handling.

2. GROUNDS/FACILITY MANAGERS NOTIFICATION – If staking will occur at a site that is managed by a specific department, they must be notified that staking will take place. Their department information, names and phones numbers will be need to be submitted to Made in the Shade. You can do this at the bottom of this page.

3. ADDITIONAL SITE SURVEYORS – Made in the Shade will contract, upon customer approval, the use of additional site surveying companies. These companies will provide a more detailed view of the site. These services will be charged based on the rates provided by the contracted company.

4. EVENT INSURANCE – Made in the Shade strongly suggest you obtain event insurance that will cover any damages to the site that might be the result of staking. Made in the Shade cannot be held liable for any damages that occur as a result of staking in areas that have been cleared through the 811 service.


To learn more about ballasting and the options offered by Made in the Shade please visit: The Vitality of Ballasting

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