Large Fundraising Dinner Tent

15m x 35m x 3.4m Structure

The Losberger structure is available in 10m, 15m, 18m, 25m & 30m widths and length in increments of 5m.


20m Structure

20m x 45m x 4m Structure at the Pear Fair

Cover everything with our 20m Structure. Available in up to 50m length (we are adding additional 5m bays in the coming months), this structure will provide the shade you need! Also available in the following widths: 10m, 15m, 18m, 30m.

  • An image of large tents with some flowers and bushes nearby
  • an arial photo of the Series 2000 Pole-tent and Fastrack Structure tent in a very large parking lot

Pole Tents

Covering a University Vendor Fair
Making the decision to move a fall vendor fair to allow the attendees and vendors to spread out was a huge leap of faith. An open intramural field adjacent to parking and the activities center, and accessible to the the students met the criteria. As temperatures can reach the high 80’s in fall, shade would be paramount to the events success. Our Series2000 addressed the needs of the event and our team worked with the university to arrive at right price point. As you can see, the  striking visuals created by the tents, draw attention to the event in the best possible way! (Photos 1-2)

Take a look at our Series2000 at other events in the adjacent photos.


Gala Tenting

60x Clear Tent
Big tents bring big bucks, or at least they should! Dazzle and entertain the night away under one of our 60x tents. Covering 300, 400, or more? We’ve got you Made in the Shade!


Keep your site protected
Clear-span structures in a rage of sizes keep workers safe and the job going when weather and deadlines loom.

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