Frame Tenting w/wall

Our frame style tent can provide the right cover for you next special event. Adding wall only adds to protection from the elements, especially in areas susceptible to high winds later in the day. There is only one way to keep your event attendees focused on what matters, give them the comfort to enjoy themselves by getting a tent!


Groundbreaking Science

The Powerhouse Science Center’s Future Home 
Nestled on the bank of the Sacramento river, right at the confluence, stands the only abandon PG&E Powerhouse. Soon this relic of the past will become the home of Sacramento’s Powerhouse Science Center. It will be a place for education and hands-on experimentation for young and old alike.


Elegant Ambience

Losberger Clear-top Structure
A tech awards gala switched gears and opted for a tented event at the founder’s residence in lieu of reserving hotel convention space.  This allowed for a much more comfortable experience for the attendees. As you can see, the lighting and the interior seating elements were top notch and contemporary.


Social Event Tenting

Decor Accented Tenting
The best part about a white tent is that it is a blank canvas. Dress it up, trick it out, customize it for picture perfect visuals based on a theme or occasion.


Dinner Reception

A Spring Reception
Our 60x tent is perfect for covering hundreds of people for a sit-down dinner reception and dancing. Wow your guests at your next large scale celebration!

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