August 10 – October 25, 2024


Because of this limited availability, we are only able to review requests for quotes where the following applies:

1. Delivery and pickup dates are flexible (3-4 days in advance and/or following your event dates)

2. Looking to cover 100+ people

3. Event location is within 35 miles of Sacramento with freeway access

4. You are a returning customer


Even though you have submitted a request for quote, we cannot guarantee availability.

All other dates please review the information below before completing the online form.

Of course, our goal is to answer all requests as expeditiously as possible. Due to a higher than normal volume of requests and our current event schedule, response time will vary between 4 days up to 2 weeks.

Our request a quote form is a courtesy for individuals and businesses seeking pricing or general information for events occurring in the future. Made in the Shade is tent rental company and not a full service event rental provider. Our clients typically secure large volume tent rentals for large festivals, multi-day concerts, agriculture, government, sporting, corporate level events and a select number of large private events. At this time, our team can only allocate resources to a small number of weddings and life events.

If your event occurs within 30 days of your submission, please contact our office by phone.

In order to provide you with a quote we need to collect some important information.

Please complete a quote request form by clicking the “START” button below.

Once your request has been submitted, a copy of that submission be immediately emailed to you for your records.

Is your request rain/weather related? 



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