Made in the Shade can provide tenting when rain is in the forecast. Unfortunately, due to high demand and our existing rental schedule, we cannot “hold” equipment with the possibility that you may not require our services.

To hold equipment and dates as a rain plan, our rental confirmation policy is in effect.

To hold equipment and action dates (delivery/pickup windows):

50% deposit is required at the time of confirmation, with the balance amount due (balance is non-refundable at this point) 30 days prior to the delivery date.

Rentals confirmed within 30 days of the delivery date are required to pay for the rental in full. 



My event is this weekend, is this enough time to reserve a tent?

If your event is within 5-7 days of your request and rain is in the forecast, please complete the Request a Quote form and then contact our office at 916-371-8500. Depending on the time of year and severity of the storm the volume of requests our office may be receiving may impact response times. April-July and September-November are peak event season and our schedules are booked months in advance. With that in mind, request for emergency rain tenting during those months may result in a delayed response. Although we would like to be able to provide rentals to all types of events, our focus is primarily on large concerts, festivals, sporting events, construction, manufacturing, farming, and corporate level events. Our crews are not equipped for smaller private tent rentals or weddings.

How soon will I know if a tent is available for me to rent?

The volume of inquiries/requests does have a direct impact on the response times of our sales team. Sometimes a follow up call can speed things up; however, that may not expedite the process. Rest assured, we received your request if you submitted it through our website and our team is looking at all the variables that may be involved to accurately quote and potentially Plan the installation. Is important for us to know what we can cannot do before we provide pricing to you because a simple “yes, we can provide you with equipment,” is typically not an option. With so many layers to  Our team has to review each request that we receive, calculate required installation time frames and installation site logistics/accessibility, identify placement on our job schedule for delivery AND pickup (if availability exists), and determine available inventory to fulfill the scope of work, and more. This can take time to arrive at a yes or no answer. It is important to know that if we cannot provide you with a rental, you will here for our sales team right away  

Rain is 100% in the forecast. I submitted a Quote Request form and I have called in to the office but have not heard back?

In this scenario, our sales team is fielding an extremely high volume of inquiries. Our team is small and the amount of calls we do receive when rain is forecasted is always high because of the shortage in tent rental companies in our region. We do apologize in advance as this is not our intention. If we can provide you with a rental, you will most definitely hear back from our team.

Are there any factors that I need to consider that might impact an emergency tent rental?

If permitting is required, the fire department in charge of the jurisdiction where the event will take place must be contacted, an application submitted and an inspection time scheduled. If the fire department does not approve the rental, then we cannot install the equipment. Private homes and funerals are exempt from permits.


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