An image of the Made in the Shade crew gathered together and standing with CPR dummies

Safety First

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Recently we had CPR training at our offices in West Sacramento. Safety is very important to our operations here at Made in the Shade. When we go to various jobsite throughout the area we are typically in remote areas, sometimes where there is little to no cell coverage. If an emergency occurs, we have put procedures in place to address them accordingly. Fortunate for us, because of how our training is set up and the protocols we have in place, we have experiences no issues in over 3 years. That is quite an achievement for all of us here at Made in the Shade. We like to think of ourselves as leaders when it comes to safety in the tent industry. When you see Made in the Shade on the job, you know your job is going to be installed safely and by dedicated professionals who possess the skills to build your job!

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On July 15, 2016

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