New Tent: The Losberger Uniflex

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Our New Losbeger

                Just this week Made in the Shade got a new tent, a Losberger Uniflex. This tent is a beast of a tent. Designed from some of the most ingenious engineers all the way from Germany, this tent is a success world-wide because of its functional superiority and style.

The interchangeable tent components within the system enable various configurations, different widths and extensions. It is easy to transport, assemble, dismantle, store and clean.

Losberger is a premium product because the materials and strict metric codes have been engineered with quality in mind. The Trusses are of extruded 4-groove aluminum which makes them light, but because of the 4-layer grooves of aluminum, it makes them durable.

We can install this tent to be 8 meters to 30 meters long (26 feet to 98 feet estimate). This is a big Step for Made in the Shade as we add more structures into our inventory. This tent is top of the line in quality. Quality, along with service and safety represent our three tent peaks you see in our logo!


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On April 14, 2017

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