Diagramming; It’s in the planning.

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One of the most important components to every event that we cover is how our inventory is applied to each event space in the safest and most efficient way possible. At Made in the Shade, we call this “effective shade.” Effective shade is planned shade that utilizes all available space to provide maximum coverage at an event site. By maintaining a functioning, large inventory of multiple tent sizes and styles, we can offer a variety of options to our clients. There are many paths that lead to the final layout prior to delivery and we explore as many as we can to make sure that the client’s needs are met, that the equipment rental fits into the budget and the aesthetic is pleasing, functional and inviting. We take great pride in the satisfaction of our clients from the moment they contact us to when we leave their site at the end of their event.

The diagram, or event layout, is probably the most important part of the rental. New and returning clients all need to have a diagram to allow for even the most basic preparation of the job quote or order. For our sales representatives, here at Made in the Shade, it is their job to probe the customer on what they are looking to rent. Their needs determine what will be pulled from our inventory to meet the event’s specific requirements. No two event’s needs are exactly the same. The larger the events get, the more intricate and detailed the needs of the event become.  By creating a diagram, it provides a blue print to what the job will entail and it aides in the process of pricing the job.

 More often than not, timing is critical and a company that can act and react is a company that will be preferred over all others. As technology has improved, so has the time it takes to review a site and formulate a detailed quote without ever setting foot at the site. By implementing Google Earth’s measurement tool and their continually updated satellite maps, it makes visiting a site in virtually a value that has very little impact on time and resources. The greatest part is that these tools are free to use and available to anyone with a smart phone, pc or tablet.

Still, the only way to get the most accurate measurements is to hit the ground physically. By dispatching one of our sales reps to the site for an on-site meeting, we can get physical measurements that used in conjunction with the satellite maps, give us the framework for what the true needs will be for the event.  At Made in the Shade, when a quote is generated and pricing is accepted, we will schedule an on-site walk through. We do this for two reasons, we simply cannot go to every client’s location that calls in to request a quote and we want to make sure the client is serious about the rental and not just phishing for the best price.

When it comes to tenting, the diagram is the beginning and the end and everything in between. It is impossible to physically hand our equipment to our customers and show them exactly what they are renting prior to their event. A diagram, on the other hand, is a way for a customer to review the needs for their event. The diagram helps them visualize the how the rental items will come together to create their event space. The warehouse looks to the diagram for loading the job correctly and the delivery teams depend on the diagram once at the site for the installation. If a permit is required, the fire department will require it for the final walk through in order to approve the tenting permit. Our sales rep refer to it next year if it is an annual job. For Made in the Shade, the diagram is one of the many keys to our success.





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On June 30, 2017

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