Portable restroom trailer


Made in the Shade will include a portable restroom to your order if a restroom is not available for the delivery and pickup of your order. Our sales team may inform you of this policy during the initial order taking; however, our team will become aware of what, if anything, is available to the crew once we have received your Rental Agreement & Delivery Preparations form.


Why has the portable restroom been added to my order twice if you are only sending 1 restroom?

If you do see this line item added to your order for both the delivery and pickup it will include the restroom and transportation to and from the site.


It was notated on the order that there are restrooms for the crew to use, So why  are being charged for the restroom on our final invoice?

If you notice a charge for the restroom and you had indicated that a restroom was available to the crew, it is because the crew did not have access to any restroom facilities. This scenario could be because they were locked, the crew was prohibited for accessing them, they were not delivered in advance by the restroom provider for the event, they were picked up  immediately following the event well before Made in the Shade arrived to remove the equipment, or there were no facilities available for any reason.


We plan to have restrooms delivered to the site, do we still need to have the portable restroom and trailer?

Should you be securing restrooms for your event, we strongly suggest an early drop off to allow for the use during the set up of the equipment and for a later pick up of those restrooms so they are available for the pickup crew.


There is a restroom available on the other side of the venue (Or example: inside the building on the second floor) that the crew can use, so we don’t need the portable restroom & trailer.

A portable restroom will be required on all job sites where the restroom that is available to the crew requires a walk longer than 3-5 mins from the site, or if the crew cannot easily access the restroom facilities.


I don’t understand why the restroom is needed, the crew is only setting up a couple of tents, can’t they just hold it until they are done?

It is this an important function for the success of the crew to complete the delivery and pickup in a timely manner, an available restroom is a relevant component of the crew’s safety. We view your installation site as an extension of our warehouse. Certain aspects of that view include access to restroom facilities for any reason necessary to the needs of the individual employee.


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