Made in the Shade supplies 1 full 10-gallon propane tank with rental. Customer is responsible for refills unless other arrangements have been made. An additional full tank is available to rent for switching out. Tank can be returned empty. 170,000 BTUH AMP DRAW Heater Start Up: 7.3AMP Continuous Operation: 5.0AMP Dimensions: 30-3/4 x 18-1/4 x 28-1/4 20F – Minimum Ambient Temperature in Which Heater May Be Used. Made in the Shade does not staff employees to manage or maintain heater once it has been left in the care of the rental customer. Customer MUST be present at time of delivery to review operation procedures with Made in the Shade Crew Leader. Visit the LB White Heater Troubleshooting page located HERE if the heater does not function properly before or during your event. You may also contact Made in the Shade at 916-371-8500.


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