Effective April 2023

Made in the Shade will begin operating two pieces of machinery while installing and removing equipment within the secure area, also known as inside the bollards. With the permission of CHP to operate vehicles within the secure area, and the requirement of cement block weights as the only form of ballasting, our operations and logistics teams have determined that by employing 2 of our TentOX machines (all terrain modified “forklift”), crews can install and remove tents and structure

Illustration of two pieces of machinery working in tandem

s in the safest, most efficient manner.

By operating two machines in tandem, crews can unload trucks using one TentOX outside the bollard to be immediately passed through the bollards to an awaiting TentOx on the other side. By utilizing both pieces of machinery will increase productivity as it will allow crews to perform work within the bollard area without the added wait times for equipment to be brought in one item at a time or requiring the CHP to open and close the access point multiple times in a single period.

Overhead view of how the two pieces of machinery work in tandemThis does come at an additional costs that will now take the place of the prior “Long Carry – State Capitol” line item our customers have become familiar with. However, given the timing for turn around of events, both load in and load out, and the increase in size of events, this will allow for Made in the Shade to maintain our record of providing both safe and efficient service when installing at the capitol.

Rental orders will now contain a section for State Capitol Install and State Capitol Removal. Two TentOX machines will appear for both the install and removal, along with the transportation (via trailer) and the fuel charge.

Please contact our office at 916-371-8500 with any questions or concerns.




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