When Made in the Shade arrives to your event site prepared and ready to work it is because of the information you are about to provide. It is our goal to provide you with exceptional customer service. In order to achieve this, a great deal of planning occurs between now and your event’s delivery, and subsequent, pick up dates. Please review the information below. Your prompt reply to these items is requested. Upon return of this form your job will become ACTIVE in our system and you will receive a revised Job Order.

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SITE ACCESS Made in the Shade will require direct access to the event site by one or more large delivery vehicles. Crews will need a clear an obstacle free path from where delivery vehicles can park to where the tenting will be installed. Inaccessibility will result in longer install times. It is important for the crew to have direct access to the site. Long carry charges do apply to distance greater than 30’ from the delivery vehicles. If there are unforeseen obstacles that are discovered, or experienced, at the time of delivery, a long carry charge will be applied to the FINAL INVOICE.

RESTROOMS A restroom must be made available to the Made in the Shade crew during the installation and removal of your rental. If a restroom cannot be provided, one will be supplied on behalf of Made in the Shade at a daily rate. The rate will include transportation to the site.*If restrooms are being delivered for the event, it may be advantageous to arrange for an early delivery for the set up and to remain on site after the event for pick up.

BALLASTING Made in the Shade applies ballasting values on a consistent basis for every tent rented. Many municipalities and fire districts insist on ballasting at specific venues and public locations. The Tent Rental Division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) has released a tool for ballasting of commercial tents as part of their collective membership of tent companies and manufacturers. Made in the Shade activates this tool to determine specifically the most accurate and safe ballasting “hold down” values for each product on your reservation when activating the cement ballast option. Additional information regarding ballasting and efficient staking can be found HERE.

PERMITS Made in the Shade will only process tent permits (Excludes Special Event, Street Closure, Electrical, Park & Rec Permits, etc.). Permit application requirements and fees vary depending on the issuing body. Permits are processed when deposits have been received. Delays in the submission of a deposit can result in expedited permit fees or, in extreme cases, denial of permit. If you require more information regarding a permit, please contact your sales rep immediately. For more information regarding permits please see PERMITS& PROCESSING.


DIAGRAMS Diagrams are an important aspect of the rental and integral to the permit process. If you do not have a diagram, please notify your sales rep so one can be created for you. In the event that you already have  a diagram for your rental, please upload that diagram HERE. Depending on the rental, a diagram creation fee of $75.00 may be added to your order.

STREET CLOSURES If your event install will be on city streets, we will need to have the times that the streets will be closed and reopened per the event permit. Some rental installations may take longer than the planned closure. In that scenario, Made in the Shade will notify you if the install or removal of equipment will require more time than what is allotted. Please supply your event permit to Made in the Shade HERE.

PARKING LOTS If set-up is in a parking lot- ALL CARS MUST BE CLEARED before crew arrival (roped off in advance). Standby charges ($350.00/hr) will apply to each truck if parking lot is not cleared when crew arrives. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact towing services.

ELECTRICAL Client MUST provide a power source for any/all accessories requiring power(safety packages, lights and heaters) unless other arrangements have been made. All powered safety packages, lights and heaters will include extension cords that reach the base of the tent. Additional extension cords are available for rent to reach the power source for your event. All electrical items are tested and cleared for rental prior to installation. Electrical items will be tested at the site after installation. If crews are unable to test at the site, and an item does not function as intended and crews have left the site, fees will be incurred to return to the site. Made in the Shade does not facilitate, or manage, power to any event.

WATERING Sprinklers, etc. should be turned off 24 hours prior to set up and resume after tent removal. If, at any time sprinklers interrupt an installation or removal and work must stop, a standby rate of $350.00/hour per truck will be applied to the FINAL INVOICE.

HEAVY EQUIPMENT    Some installations will require the use of equipment such as boom & scissor lifts, etc. Heavy equipment supplied by the customer or facility and must be available for the scheduled delivery/pick up. A current service history report will be required. Made in the Shade equipment specs can be provided upon request otherwise, Made in the Shade will reserve equipment independently. This will appear as a line item on your Job Order.

SITE SAFETY Made in the Shade requires all work areas to be clear of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Your event site may require a safe work zone to be established during the installation and removal of equipment. Event sites such as schools, universities, urban areas, government facilities, etc. may require a safety zone around the work area. Made in the Shade can, at your request, and will if necessary, provide an on-site Safety Monitor at a set rate if general public supervision is required. Customers can elect to provide their own monitor to supervise the site for the entirety of the installation and removal of equipment from site.

PPE  If PPE is required at your event/rental site, please inform your sales rep immediately. If any training course is required in order for MITS crews to install/remove equipment, please notify your sales rep. Applicable fees will be applied for time, materials, etc. regarding any on-site training requirements.

BREAKS Made in the Shade will comply with all labor laws established by the State of California and the Federal Government. This includes mandatory breaks. As a safety precaution, MITS crews will take breaks together. Some breaks will start at the time of arrival at the site. Questions can be directed to the main office at 916-371-8500.

BANNERS Made in the Shade can provide banner bar poles as part of the tent rental. Made in the Shade crews cannot hang banners for the event at large. Larger tenting (30x/40x/50x/60x w/gable ends), where a banner will be placed on a gable end, will be charged based on the size of the gable end, with a limit of 2 banners per tent.

YOUR JOB ORDER It is the responsibility of the customer to review the Job Order in its entirety prior to the delivery (most up-to-date revision) and to confirm that all items expected to be delivered, including all tenting equipment (walls, sliders, accessories), safety packages, permits/processing (if applicable), and delivery/pick updates & times appear on the order. Additional deliveries for add-ons that did not appear on the Job Order prior to delivery will be charged for the item and the delivery of that item.




  1. CARE OF/DAMAGE TO TENT OR RENTED ITEMS. You are the insurer of the Tent during the rental term, meaning that you bear all risk of loss, damage, vandalism or destruction that could occur while the inventory item is in your
    1. The Rental Term will begin at the time of delivery until the pick-up has been
    2. You will make no alterations to the Tent once it has been Any alterations will need to be requested, scheduled and executed by MITS Personnel.
    3. The use of any tape, adhesive, staple, hook or other device that adheres to, leaves markings and/or penetrates any portion of the Tent without the prior written approval from Made in the
    4. Cleaning fees may be applied is tent vinyl is damage from organic materials such as leaves, dust, debris, mud,
    5. You will ensure that no heating elements, stoves, candles, torches, fireworks, petroleum-based compounds, acids, lye, solvents, or other flammable, combustible or hazardous materials or gases are used or permitted in, on, under or within 20 feet of the Tent at any
    6. The above applies to all WILL CALL
    7. Damage/Loss charges are processed after the event has been billed and will appear on a current or revised
  2. ORDINARY WEAR AND TEAR. “Ordinary Wear and Tear,” meaning normal deterioration resulting from the proper and intended use of the tent (and other rented Items, if applicable) in accordance with the terms of this Contract, will not be considered Damage which is NOT “Ordinary Wear and Tear” (and for which the Renter will be solely responsible) the rented equipment has been installed in accordance with MITS policies and procedures and MITS has left that equipment in the possession of the Renter, without limitation, theft from the installation site, mysterious disappearance, damage due to overloading or exceeding rated capacities, vehicular damage, tire damage, burns, stains, tears and split seams, as well as any other improper use, misuse, handling, abuse, neglect, accidental and intentional incidents that cause irreparable damage that results in a rented item removed from MITS available inventory. Penalties for damaged equipment will be based on current replacement costs of that inventory item and, in very rare cases, potential revenue loss due to the item becoming unavailable for future confirmed reservation.
  3. DAMAGE TO SITE PROPERTY BY MITS & PARTNERS. Made in the Shade will take all necessary precautions, in accordance with MITS policies and procedures, when entering an installation Made in the Shade will NOT be held responsible for cosmetic damages to a property as it pertains to the installation of the tenting and/or accessories rented through Made in the Shade or sub-contractors retained by Made in the Shade to fulfill the obligations of the rental. You have agreed to the terms of the installation to allow Made in the Shade onto your property or property that you have secured, in doing so, you have been made are aware that heavy machinery, people, tools and vehicles will, and can, be used for the installation and removal as part of the scope of work pertaining to the rental.
  4. UNDERGROUND UTILITIES. The ballasting of tenting most common for tenting is Staking is considered an underground excavation. It is Made in the Shade policy that the site is per-marked a USA NORTH 811 Call Before You Dig ticket is issued for the address/location where the excavation will occur and a 48-hour window of on-site surveys begins. 811 will notify utility departments to begin surveys of your property or site location. These surveys only cover municipal lines that have been registered in your city, or state, for the intended location. White paint and/or chalk will be used to mark the site prior to the survey. The responding departments will mark their lines in colored paint on the property. 811 is a free service, Made in the Shade reserves the right to charge for customized services and time required to prepare for the 811 survey. More information is available regarding state requirements for excavators (MITS) HERE. Made in the Shade will require an 811 ticket on private property with few exceptions. Exceptions must be evaluated and are not guaranteed.
  5. IRRIGATION LINES. Made in the Shade will NOT be held liable for the damage to any underground irrigation lines. USA NORTH 811 Call Before You Dig does not report irrigation Made in the Shade will/can employ 3rd party surveyors to conduct additional surveys to mitigate the potential for damages. These services do have an additional cost starting at $700 for a minimum 3 hour survey. Fees are dependent on the specific services requested, site location and hours worked. More information can be provided upon request. Regardless of the findings of 811 and/or any other survey company, if Made in the Shade, or an employee thereof, determines a potential safety hazard exists, staking will cease, and cement blocks will be supplied and applicable rental and delivery fees will be applied to the job order.
  6. WEIGHTS/BALLASTING. Made in the Shade configures weights per leg based on the findings of IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International). Weather conditions, site location and accessories on tenting dictate the amount of weight required to anchor a tent/structure Weight formulas are available for review upon request. More information about ballasting can be found HERE.
  7. SAFETY. Should the installation or removal of tenting and additional items secured through Made in the Shade become unsafe for our employees or anyone in the vicinity of the work area, Made in the Shade supervisors, operations personnel, crew leaders and/or management staff will stop all work. Work will only resume once the job site has been deemed safe by Made in the Shade personnel previously mentioned. You, the renter, can also pause the installation or removal if you find the conditions unsafe, within reason.
    1. Event/Tent evacuation plans will need to be created by the renter for any aspect of their event that has equipment provided from Made in the Evacuation plans will apply to any tent that requires a Tent Permit or that is greater than 600 square feet. Evacuation plans are the sole responsibility of the renter but can be created with the assistance of Made in the Shade Safety Personnel and/or the department permitting the tenting. In some cases, anything with a 20-50’ perimeter of the tent may be affected by an interior evacuation plan.
    2. Weather related occurrences can happen at any time. This includes, but is not limited to wind, rain, heat, flooding, or any other force of nature. Once the tent has been left in the possession of the customer, the customer has, and must exercise, the authority to evacuate the tent accordingly should the tent(s) appear to/or become unstable.
    3. Earthquakes and structural damages can alter the stability of the tent structure. In the event of any incident that causes the potential for, or in the event that the tent structural integrity has been compromised, the tent(s) should be evacuated and cleared of all persons and a safety perimeter that is a minimum of 20’ shall be
  1. ORDERS. The Job Order (Job Order includes your rental items and amount due) is part of this contract and incorporated herein by At any point during the contractual period, the order amount may vary according to the renter/customers’ needs and the services provided by Made in the Shade and their partners. Any new order the customer receives will supersede the previous order and will be deemed the amount due under this contract. The requisite deposit (percentage or dollar amount) is calculated according to the estimated price at the time of reservation. If the final price is lower than the estimated total cost of the rental, the deposit will remain the same and be credited to the final amount due. Changes, revisions, additions & subtractions of equipment will not be accepted until all pages of Reservations Documents have been submitted and accepted by Made in the Shade.
  2. CANCELLATION POLICY FOR RESERVED DATES AND EQUIPMENT. Made in the Shade Cancellation Policy can be found HERE.
  3. PERMITS. Permits are required on tents greater than 600 square feet with wall or greater than 750 square feet without wall on any public land, commercial property or facility except for private property that is considered Made in the Shade will comply with the CA STATE FIRE CODE guidelines set forth under law through the State of California. Copies of the law can be requested through Made in the Shade at any time. Renter will be responsible for all permit fees set by jurisdiction and any processing fees determined by Made in the Shade. Made in the Shade will charge a processing fee on top of the permit fee, expedited fee, plan fee, over-time inspection fee or any additional fees that are determined by fire department/jurisdiction and/or issuing agency. Made in the Shade is at the mercy of the presiding fire district, jurisdiction and fire marshal’s interpretation of the most current California State Fire Code. Any advanced or on-site requirements made by the aforementioned that require additional equipment or changes, including what will be required to achieve final approval that was not the responsibility of Made in the Shade will be charged to the customer.
  4. PAST DUE ACCOUNTS. All accounts are NET10 unless other arrangements have been made and approved in writing by Made in the Shade Management Any account that is past due by more than 30 days will incur any additional late payment fees based on a percentage of the rental (Later fees will not exceed 10%). Failure to pay a bill will result in legal action and the renter will be responsible for any legal fees incurred.
  5. ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Additional charges such as long carries (distances greater than 20’ from truck to tent start, stair/elevator/ramp use and the like), wait/standby times (occurrences that delay crew start time at the site), damages, added equipment, additional deliveries, returns to site once crew has completed work, or any other occurrence where install/pick up crews, MITS office staff, or MITS Partners are tasked with duties that were not previously outlined as part of the rental or scope of work can/will be charged accordingly and applied to the job either as an added line item to the existing Job Contract or as a new job Any changes made by you, the customer, to a scheduled delivery/pick up date or time slot 7 days or less prior to the agreed upon scheduled date(s) may be subject to a “Change Fee.” This fee will be determined by added loading/unloading time for equipment, crew overtime, increased travel times, time of year, or any other factor that is unknown at this time. Made in the Shade does observe the right to change/alter/revise any delivery or pick up at any time with releasing the client of responsibility for that change.

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Tom Ursini

We have been working with Made in the Shade for all of our clients tenting needs for over 10 years. They continue to provide exceptional service and products, going beyond when the unforeseen happens.

Tom Ursini, General Manager, The Party Concierge, Inc.

Made in the Shade

Tom Ursini, General Manager, The Party Concierge, Inc.

We have been working with Made in the Shade for all of our clients tenting needs for over 10 years. They continue to provide exceptional service and products, going beyond when the unforeseen happens.

Kim Parrino

The Made In The Shade team has been so consistently professional, honest, hard-working and dependable, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Kim Parrino, Events Manager, Fleet Feet Event Management

Made in the Shade

Kim Parrino, Events Manager, Fleet Feet Event Management

The Made In The Shade team has been so consistently professional, honest, hard-working and dependable, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.


Made in the Shade is a company we can always count on, their customer service goes above and beyond, their service and quality of equipment is outstanding.

Kerri, Aba Daba Party Rents

Made in the Shade

Kerri, Aba Daba Party Rents

Made in the Shade is a company we can always count on, their customer service goes above and beyond, their service and quality of equipment is outstanding.

Scott Woodruff

Of the 30 or so tent companies I've visited this year, this company really tops the charts for their great company culture and commitment to safety!

Scott Woodruff, TentOX

Made in the Shade

Scott Woodruff, TentOX

Of the 30 or so tent companies I've visited this year, this company really tops the charts for their great company culture and commitment to safety!
Made in the Shade

We are always seeking out ways to collaborate and meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Having a meeting space that serves our operation by combining technology and functionality is how we produce results!……

About 6 months ago from Made in the Shade's Twitter